Dr Vernon Kruger


Ongoing education, you either love it or find it a chore that's needed to keep your registration current. You have a busy appointment book and it's just not convenient to be out of the office right now or the bank manager is waiting for you to call back. You're tired of travelling and spending another night away from home at another generic hotel and you can't be sure the day is really going to be worth it. The solution - eDen. I have found the experience very rewarding. The subject matter is varied and I can really choose what I want to learn more about. I have done this in the comfort of my deck chair at my favourite beach when it suits me best. Better still the human element is still there if needed, as all of my queries were promptly answered by someone on the phone. I would recommend this form of education, not as a replacement of the conventional, but a refreshing and convenient way to satisfy the need, most of us have, to learn more.

Dr Vernon Kruger ‘Growth Orthodontics’ Waikato New Zealand