Dr. Julio Munoz Miguel

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Dr Muñoz currently works as the head of the Preventive Medicine Dpt at Hospital de Sagunto where he also leads the Infection Control and Patient Safety committees and participates in work groups such as the antibiotic stewardship and healthcare quality programs. Dr Muñoz also serves as the public health liaison within the hospital and has worked on vaccination campaigns of healthcare workers and immunocompromised patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Muñoz attended the University of Valencia where he obtained an MD in 2014, a MPH in 2017 and a MSc in Forensic and Legal Medicine in 2019. He attended Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Universidad de La Laguna in San Cristobal and obtained scholarships for the Johns Hopkins Fall Institute 2018, Young Forum Gastein 2018 and the Young Physician Leadership Program in 2019.

He is a professor and researcher in the field of public health and healthcare management at the Valencia International University since 2021 and acts as a consultant in the areas of infection control, immunisation and air quality for a major chain of private hospitals and clinics in Spain.  In 2022 he co-founded Higia, a company that provides software tool solutions and training for clinical professionals centered in the areas of hygiene and infection control.

Dr Muñoz is also the vice-president of the Valencian Preventive Medicine and Public Health Scientific Society.