eDen Education is an NDA Recognized CE Provider

NDA governs CE for Denturists in the USA

The National Denturist Association, USA exists to raise public awareness of the denturist profession, to be the focal point for communication and to address unjust legal restrictions on the profession.  This injustice affects, not only the professional denturist, but also those individuals who could greatly benefit from denturist services.  The N.D.A. provides educational opportunities, edits and publishes The National Denturist, USA, magazine, provides legislative advocacy, organizes national and international conferences as well as a sundry of other activities. The goal of this organization is to promote awareness of the professional denturist so that every citizen of the United States knows the benefits of the profession and demands the opportunity to choose who their prosthetic dental needs provider will be.

A denturist is the only professional legislated “exclusively” to serve individuals with removable dental prosthetics.  The denturists’ entire required curriculum of study focuses on the oral health of those individuals needing a dental prosthetic and the actual fabrication of that appliance.   Everyone needing a removable dental appliance should have the privilege to choose this highly trained professional.  The National Denturist Association’s goal is to help every citizen have that opportunity to choose.

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