Dr Michael Franks, Endodontist

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Dr Michael Franks graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1979) with a Certificate in Endodontics.
Being Past President and Founder of the South African Endodontic Society, Dr Franks has lectured extensively - both in Australia and overseas - on various topics.
Dr Franks was one of the first clinicians in Australia to adopt rotary instrumentation techniques, which in the meantime have revolutionised endodontics both in terms of operator precision and in terms of patient experience.
For the past 20 years he has offered treatment with i.v. sedation (with the help of a registered specialist anaesthetist) for the particularly anxious patient. Dr Franks' particular interest lies in the revision of previously failed endodontic treatment, and in the salvage of "terminal" teeth.

Prior to his residency in endodontics, Dr. Franks graduated from the BDS program at the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) and spent six years in General Practice.