Joseph Della Marina, Denturist, USA

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Joseph Della Marina DD,LD, is a graduate of the George Brown Denturist program and a BPS certified denturist. Joseph has lectured for the NDA (National Denturist Association of America), MLDA (Maine licensed denturist association), DISC (Denturism Implant Study Club), Rhein 83 attachments with Nordenta, as well as private tutoring (In and out of Province) for exam preparation for licensing. Joseph served as an instructor and lecturer for the denturist program at George Brown College for nine years. He has also instructed and lectured as an IDEC instructor throughout England and the United States on various topics such as full and partial denture construction, dental implants and practice management, where he also served as an IDEC examiner. He is currently working with three dentists and a periodontist and is one of the inaugural members of the Denturist Examiners Group which conducts licensing exams for entry to practise in various States throughout America. Joseph is also a member of the Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) for the accreditation of Canadian denturist programs. The majority of his practise consists of implant prosthetics and working with those who place dental implants. Joseph is also a member of the advisory board for Spectrum Denturism Magazine and a published author.