Ongoing education, you either love it or find it a chore that's needed to keep your registration current. You have a busy appointment book and it's just not convenient to be out of the office right now or the bank manager is waiting for you to call back. You're tired of travelling and spending another night away from home at another generic hotel and you can't be sure the day is really going to be worth it. The solution - eDen. I have found the experience very rewarding. The subject matter is varied and I can really choose what I want to learn more about. I have done this in the comfort of my deck chair at my favourite beach when it suits me best. Better still the human element is still there if needed, as all of my queries were promptly answered by someone on the phone. I would recommend this form of education, not as a replacement of the conventional, but a refreshing and convenient way to satisfy the need, most of us have, to learn more.

Dr Vernon Kruger ‘Growth Orthodontics’ Waikato New Zealand

What a wonderful idea eDen Education is, I've been with eDen since the early days, at the time I had small  children at home and found it extremely difficult to get out and go to courses. When I heard all my CPD needs could be catered for online, I was totally on board. The range of subject materials is fantastic and I can learn whenever I have time. I find this is not only easy and convenient, but very cost effective compared to travelling to courses. I also realized that now my kids are at school and it's quiet at home, I seem to concentrate better and absorb and retain the information. The added bonus is how impressive the service is. The girls in the office are absolutely lovely and nothing is too much trouble, even when I had some I.T issues from my end and had trouble accessing some content, a quick phone call and all was fixed within the hour... Can't get much better service than that... I love doing my CPD requirements with eDen and I'm sure if you give it a try, you will too.

Nicole Kebby Oral Health Therapist QLD Australia

Although I live in the Sydney metro region, I don't like spending valuable time out of practice to attend conferences and what have you. As a general Dentist, I just don’t have the time, and find all the topics professionally presented, interesting and engaging … and I can do it all at home over a glass of wine!! The customer service is exceptional with a real personal touch as the team go above and beyond to make sure you are a satisfied member. The content is well delivered and easy to access and understand. The new website has been an added bonus making navigation a breeze. I'm in for life!!

Dr George Hedges 'Sydney Smile Centre' NSW Australia

I have loved doing my CPD with eDen and sign up every year to stay up to date. Everything is so professional, from the qualified presenters, to the interesting topics and the fabulous and friendly team. I like that there is so much to choose from and nothing is too much trouble. The girls in the office have always been so helpful and even answered my queries and rectified issues on the weekend. It’s a hard service to beat and it has definitely made my life easier. It’s cost effective and although learning is not always enjoyable, this is as good as it gets. I am a convert

Rosie Holody Dental Hygienist, Canada

I have had the pleasure of being a member of eDen for 3 years and absolutely love it. It’s a cost effective convenient and easy way to learn. The topics are diverse and the team offer the best customer service I have encountered, even returning my call in New Zealand within 1 hour. It’s a no brainer, this is the place to continue your professional development for sure. This crew rock!!

Evan Sallis Clinical Dental Technician and Co founder of ‘Base Diary’ Wellington New Zealand

I have been professionally involved with eDen Education for 3 years in the capacity of a presenter. The team at eDen have always proved to be organized, reliable and proactive in the area of educational delivery. The presentation delivery has always been a professional and seamless process which in turn makes it a pleasure to be involved in their Continuing Professional Development Programs.

Dr Derek Mahony 'Full Faced Orthodontics' NSW Australia

Being a Dental Prosthetist in the country Victoria I found it hard and expensive to complete the required CPD to maintain my registration. To attend courses, air fares plus accommodation was required and considerable time away from my practice. Being the only practitioner, loss of income added up to a large expense for each CPD hour I gained being away. I always enjoyed meeting and talking to other Dental Prosthetists at conferences and will continue where possible to attend hands on courses.

Since joining  eDen, it has made learning more affordable and convenient to obtain my CPD hours. Karen and Jennifer have made online education simple and user friendly, with great content. They continue to update the site with new and relevant courses regularly and welcome feedback. I would recommend this online dental education to any dental practitioners wishing obtain their CPD hours

Paul Stevenson ‘Dentures R us’ Victoria Australia

Using eDen Education to gain all my CPD hours online, in my own time, and on my mobile device, has been so convenient and a real money saver. eDen online service is very professional with support always there when I have needed it.

Tom Rollings 'Word of Mouth Denture Clinic' Adelaide, South Australia