Jim Collis, Certified Dental Technician, USA

Jim Collis CDT.jpgJim Collis has been a CDT over 3 decades. He owns and operates Collis Prosthodontic Laboratory, specialising in high quality, removable prosthodontics appliances. He earned his degree in Dental technology from triton College , River Grove, IL. Jim served as an instructor in the Junior/Senior laboratory of North Western University Dental School for 10 Years. He is a popular conference lecturer and has provided hands on clinics throughout the United States and Canada. He is a consultant and lecturer for several companies in the industry. He served as president, lecturer and moderator of the 2013 Spectrum Dialogue Removable Symposium in Chicago. He is an advisory board member for Spectrum Dialogue and has written numerous articles on a variety of topics that have been published in Spectrum and other publications