Dr Linda Jones, Psychologist, NZ

linda_jones.jpgDr Linda Jones MRSNZ

MNZPsS is a senior lecturer in the School of Psychology at Massey University, Wellington. Almost all Linda’s research involves applied psychology in dentistry, or the role of the environment in well-being. Dental research includes a national mouth guard assessment, promotion and evaluation; exploring health beliefs and health outcomes for people who link ill health to dental amalgam; a neurobehavioral assessment of NZ school dental nurses from the 1970s who used copper amalgam; environmental interventions for adult dental anxiety; and her original intervention for children’s dental anxiety, the computer game, Dental Jungle. Most recently Linda has worked with the New Zealand Dental Association to undertake a NZ dentists’ occupational stress and job satisfaction survey; and her current project, “What makes a dentist’s day hard?” Linda is the co-author of the book Self Care for Dentists, with dentist Jeff Annan, and numerous other publications from over 20 years in dental psychology research.