Yoga and meditation for relaxing your patients

Dr Anjali Deshpande, a lecturer at the VSPM Dental College in Nagpur, India won best paper award at the International Yoga Conference held at Lonavala.

We have all had anxious patients in the dental chair. And we all know what it’s like to be chairside all day long, with our bodies in awkward and unnatural positions for long periods of time. Being someone who has recently returned to the yoga mat after quite a few years away, I find myself wondering, after every yoga class I attend, why I ever stopped. But do we ever think of applying simple yoga and meditation techniques to our patients to make everyone’s life easier?

In the attached article Dr Deshpande promotes yoga and meditation, not only for the dental practitioner, but for patients under stress…. Definitely food for thought!

Posted by eDenEducation on January 22, 2016