The importance of continuing education

As dental professionals, we all have a very busy role to play in the day to day running of the dental practice. You may be a Dental Assistant, who is chairside with the Dentist all day every day, comforting the anxious patients, and assisting in all the clinical procedures, or the Dental Hygienist who is responsible for controlling oral diseases and educating their patients to achieve and maintain their oral health. You may be a Dental Prosthetist working in a sole practice that not only deals daily with patients, often elderly, but also has to find the time to fabricate the dentures in the laboratory, or a Dentist who is chairside all day in the clinic as well as overseeing a team of all the other oral health care personnel in the practice.

Regardless of your area of expertise, or scope of practice, having access to ongoing dental education courses plays an important role in advancing your educational and professional development journey. Online dental CPD/CE is a convenient, cost effective way to increase your knowledge base and keep you up to date with the endless, fast moving advancements in the dental industry. As new technologies emerge, so your role in the dental practice will expand into new and exciting areas.

So seek out education which not only interests, but stimulates you, and you may well find you are achieving new professional goals. If nothing else, you are displaying a commitment to your employer, your patients and your career, and everyone will reap the benefits.

Posted by eDenEducation on December 7, 2015