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A dental therapist is a registered primary healthcare professional that provides restorative and preventive dental services to children, adolescents and teenagers within the public sector servicing metropolitan, rural and remote areas. The dental therapist delivers their services through mobile, community and school dental clinics. As a clinician they are required to work in collaboration with a dentist to determine the appropriate treatment procedures for each individual patient. In the mobile and school dental clinics, especially in rural and remote areas, the dental therapist is required to recognise oral conditions, plan and deliver reparative dental treatment, evaluate care and make appropriate referrals to a dentist for complex dentistry.

eDen provides educational content in the form of webinars, webcasts, documents and courses covering a wide range of topics for the dental therapist including paediatrics, bruxism, dealing with the special needs patient, thumb and finger sucking, obstructive sleep apnoea, orofacial myology, early orthodontic treatment in the mixed dentition, as well as research based content on children’s experience of dentistry and oral health in the first half of life.