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A dental technician (or dental mechanic) is an essential member of the dental team who is trained in the design, fabrication, repair and adjustment of a variety of fixed and removable dental appliances, including full and partial dentures, crowns, splints and orthodontic appliances. They work from a written prescription and direct communication with the dental prosthetist, dentist or dental specialist, and only have direct contact with the patient for the purpose of assessing an accurate colour shade for maximum aesthetics.

Dental technicians use a high degree of technical ability, training and skills that involve a diverse range of techniques that include plaster casting, electro-spot welding, metal casting, metal polishing, wax modelling, ceramics, wire bending, electroplating and sandblasting. They are highly knowledgeable of the appropriate methods to construct the wide range of items and how to deal with the variety of materials.

eDen provides educational content in the form of webinars, webcasts, documents and courses covering a wide range of topics for the dental technician, including the laboratory and clinical aspects of denture fabrication, implant denture work, latest technology for the dental laboratory, full and partial dentures, immediate dentures, denture processing, infection control as well as business management and WHS modules.

eDen also has a multi user platform and in conjunction with the New South Wales Dental Council we have brought together 5 dental prosthetic and technology professionals to deliver dental technician specific presentations in their area of expertise. These modules have been filmed and uploaded to our external platform for 24/7 access by dental technicians.
These presentations are as follows:

   Advanced CAD/CAM Technologies - by Michael Tuckman

   Pressing and Staining Techniques for all Fixed Ceramic Restorations - Jim Ruddy

   Surveying and Designing Partial Dentures - Bill Hizart

   Waxing, Tinting, Processing and Finishing Full and Partial Dentures - Arnie Jabour

   Full Arch Reconstruction and Implant Bridge Protocols - Rob Dulieu