Dr Jean Creasey

Dr Jean Creasey practiced first as a dental hygienist, working in both a periodontal and general dental practices, and coordinated a school-based dental prevention program for her rural Northern California county. 
Later, she earned a DDS from UCSF and studied cariology under Dr John Featherstone, who introduced her to Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA). 
Dr. Creasey has been utilizing CAMBRA principles in private practice for 20 years and lectures regularly on the win/win of a prevention centred practice. 
She now teaches part time at the University of Pacific-Dugoni School of Dentistry.
Over her career, Dr. Creasey has been very involved in community dental health projects, service in leadership in the California and American Dental Associations and philanthropic dental care. She travels regularly to southwestern Uganda where she takes small groups of volunteer dentists and physicians to work with the marginalized Batwa Pygmy population.